Easy DIY Halloween Pumpkin Decor


1. Large Vase

2. Faux decorative pumpkin, large enough to sit on top of the vase

3. Crazy glue or similar

4. Black boa

5. Rubber gloves (for use of the glue)

(you can find most of these items at the Dollar Store)


To protect hands from glue, wear a pair of disposable rubber gloves. Then coat the top of the vase with crazy glue (or similar).

Place pumpkin on top of vase and press firmly for 30 seconds. Let dry for about 2 minutes.

Place more glue around bottom of pumpkin and on remaining perimeter of vase. Then wrap boa around to cover glue. Press firmly.

You’re done!

Put it anywhere inside your house to add to your Halloween spooky (and decorative!) decor!


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