EASY DIY Ornament Craft for Kids

This is an EASY holiday craft for both kids and parents alike.

The best part is very little supplies are needed!


1. Cardboard

2. Scissors

3. Tape

4. Cookie Cutter (shape of your choice)

5. Different Colored Yarn

6. Pipe Cleaner (optional)

6. Tinsel (optional)

How to Make Ornament:

1. Trace your star shape or shape of your choice onto the cardboard, with pencil.

2. Cut out the shape (this might be a helping point for parents – the cardboard is hard to cut for little ones).

3. Cut pipe-cleaner or yarn approx. 4 inches long. Fold in half to make a loop. Attach bottom of loop to shape with tape.

4. Tape end of yarn to any point on shape and start wrapping. Have fun and go to town. Let your kids get creative. When done wrapping- tuck the end in underneath some of the wrapped yarn. VOILA!!

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