Top 5 Halloween Games for Kids

It’s Halloween Party Time! Keep the kids at your party entertained with these fun DIY Halloween themed games! They will be a hit! We picked the Top 5 we found to get you started.

1. Pumpkin Bowling- All you need is a few cans, some paper and crayons or markers and you are ready to go! Even the kids can help make the “pins”. This site will get you started with some “pin” decorating ideas.

2. Pumpkin Toss- Use tennis balls to look like pumpkins and toss them into the mouths of your cardboard pumpkin cutout. A simple and fun game and this site will tell you how to do it all!

3. Halloween Themed Corn Hole- Turn your bean bags into Halloween monsters and play away! Here’s how:

4. Halloween Trick or Tree- Have kids pick a plastic pumpkin from a decorative tree. Inside is something they need to do! So much fun to do and watch!

5. Just because there are so many, here are a few extras in one location for you to check out and use at your home or school Halloween party. They are pretty cool!

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