Top 5 Kids Halloween Costumes

Finding an original costume your kids (and everyone else) will love is tough every year. Have no fear. Here is a list of what we think are the Top 5 Halloween costumes that, wait for it, are completely DIY! So you save money, too!

1. Who knew Hannibal Lecter could be so adorable! This costume will definitely be a crowd pleaser and may get your kids some extra candy for Halloween Holly & the elves (or at least some fava beans and a nice chianti). See how came up with this awesome idea! You’ll want to just eat it up ;)

2. Starbucks latte anyone? This costume is definitely worthy of a sweet treat- because it is one! Check out this site for ideas and materials on how to make your child into a latte and make everyone in the neighborhood jealous

3. Check out this flower pot costume that came entirely from the Dollar Store. Simple, quick, and inexpensive- what more could you ask for in a costume!

4. If your child loves Harry Potty this DIY costume is exactly what you need. Follow the directions and your child will be casting spell on Halloween in no time!

5. If you’ve ever said your child is a tornado, thanks to this easy DIY costume, he/she can actually be one! Check it out and the simple materials you may already have right in your home (like doll house items).

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