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Halloween Holly's story book & bowl set provides a fun and

kid-friendly way for families to rid themselves of all the extra Halloween candy – and subsequent sugar related problems—that pile up in households across the country each year on October 31 while enjoying a little candy too!

As Halloween approaches, Sugar Free Kids Maryland encourages parents to introduce their children to Halloween Holly. She’s a lovable character that helps children reduce their sugar consumption after trick-or-treating by giving them a way to share their candy.  Any parents of young children who are looking for ways to introduce them to healthy habits should consider reading this story to their kids now! 

By Shawn McIntosh, Executive Director of Sugar Free Kids Maryland

The children’s book Halloween Holly: Santa’s Helper by Cara Via is a great story to use with
younger elementary students. The main characters, Holly and her brother Howie are different
that Santa’s other elves because their mother is a fairy and their father is an elf. As children
read this book, they learn that it is okay to be different than others. The message of sharing
that is throughout this book, as well. Parents will enjoy sharing this book with their children
since it offers a way to take care of all that Halloween candy kids get to help Santa’s elves get
their jobs done. Teachers enjoy sharing this book with their class because the characters are so lovable and the message the book shares is very applicable to the classroom-- Sharing and
helping others out are key ideas for our students to learn. The back of the book offers several
pages for families to add their own pictures of sharing to the story.

By Don Bailey, Reading Resource Teacher, Crofton Elementary School

Hi! We met you at the Sams Club in Baltimore last week. So grateful you were there and shared this with us. We came right home and read the book, which was amazing and my daughter loved! She’s since told everyone about Halloween Holly and couldn’t wait to get candy for her tonight. At 5 years old, after trick or treating and without me having to initiate, she picked her 10 pieces and put the rest right in the bowl. I was so proud and happy and couldn’t have done it without Halloween Holly! Thank you for making the holiday fun and healthy for my daughter! Thought we would share a few pics too!

By Erin Miller

I had the pleasure of meeting Cara today at Sams club in Severn, MD.  I bought the book today for my grandchildren.  =)

Cara, you shared some of your life with me, I want to remind you to believe in yourself and follow your heart's dream and passion.  You have a special gift that will bring joy to many!

I read it today and its a wonderful story that our grandchildren Zoe and Cruz will love.  I shipped it to them in KY and told them they can take the picture and share to your website with other kids!  ;). 

You are a delightful and genuine person, I wish you much success and happiness!

By Brenda Hall

This is quite possibly the most creative idea to come out of Santa's workshop in a very, very long time! Halloween Holly is a wonderful way to take the pressure out of having your children eat ALL OF THAT CANDY by helping out the elves in the North Pole. Cara Via's clever take on both Halloween and Christmas makes for a marvelous bedtime or anytime story. The illustrations were spirited and lively, making this an excellent choice for the beginning reader! Entertaining and "merry", Halloween Holly will be sure to put the jump start in your Halloween festivities!

By Barbie

This book is beautiful. Not only the story in teaching children to be more healthy, but the colors and detail. My youngest was so excited to participate and hand over her candy. My oldest...not so much. Being she knows just a bit more about Santa. ;-). But instead of her ruining it for her little sister, it taught her to step up to be that responsible big sister and join in on the fun to make it even more magical for her. Creating another memory as sisters! LOVE THIS BOOK!

By Amazon Customer 

This book is one of the best books available to parents and grandparents. It brings home the importants of maintaining childrens health while showing that give to others is just as important. It is very encouraging to read a book written for kids that adults can appreciate. It passes along very strong moral commitments for all.

By anonymous 

What a great set! My kids love this and they gladly put almost all of thier Halloween candy into the bowl, which was scooped up by Halloween holly and out of our house!). The bowl is so nice, plush but durable...even withstood my horrible Halloween decor packing last year and looks brand new this year! Lastly, I really like that the book also teaches kids that differences should be celebrated, creativity and the growth mindset...

By Amazon Customer 

This bookset is brilliant and so much fun!! It beautifully ties together the holidays and teaches kids to enjoy in moderation while learning to give back to others. My son loved Halloween Holly last year and is so excited for her to return this year. Such a wonderful Halloween tradition that we can now share together for many years to come!

By Aimee

Halloween Holly is a fun way to have a Healthier Halloween and start a new family tradition!

The storybook also promotes concepts of:


Sharing & Caring

Growth Mindset


Social Acceptance

Healthier Eating


many more