Do your kids still go trick or treating?

Are you sick of the mounds of Halloween candy lingering around for months?

Are you tired of all the sugar meltdowns your kids may have?

Have you ever wished for the piles of candy to magically disappear over night?

If you answered, "YES!"

You are going to love Halloween Holly!

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  • NO more meltdowns

  • NO more upset tummies

  • NO more piles of candy 

  • NO more extra sugar intake

 ONLY Happy Faces

Who is

Halloween Holly?

About the Author

Cara Via is a Halloween enthusiast & Mom of two boys. Every year, she only feared on thing on Halloween: the dreaded candy battle.   To keep the fun high & battles low she created Halloween Holly & it actually WORKED!

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Halloween Holly's

Book Set

Halloween Holly is a unique little elf who collects children's extra Halloween candy & brings it back to the North Pole where it magically helps energize Santa's elves as they make the toys for Christmas.

Each book is packaged together with one of Halloween Holly's Special Candy Bowls where kids leave their extra candy for her to collect each and every year. 


It's the perfect way to keep Halloween sweet without the masses amounts of sugar!

This Storybook also promotes
concepts of:
  • Sharing & Caring
  • Self-Confidence
  • Growth Mindset
  • Social Acceptance
  • Healthier Eating
&  Many More


"As Halloween approaches, Sugar Free Kids Maryland encourages parents to introduce their children to Halloween Holly. She’s a lovable character that helps children reduce their sugar consumption after trick-or-treating by giving them a way to share their candy.  Any parents of young children who are looking for ways to introduce them to healthy habits should consider reading this story to their kids now!"

By Shawn McIntosh, Executive Director of Sugar Free Kids Maryland

"This is quite possibly the most creative idea to come out of Santa's workshop in a very, very long time! Halloween Holly is a wonderful way to take the pressure out of having your children eat ALL OF THAT CANDY by helping out the elves in the North Pole. Cara Via's clever take on both Halloween and Christmas makes for a marvelous bedtime or anytime story. The illustrations were spirited and lively, making this an excellent choice for the beginning reader! Entertaining and "merry", Halloween Holly will be sure to put the jump start in your Halloween festivities!" 

By Barbie